Monday, January 17, 2011

about LIFE, the party...

Since the political situation in my country, and everywhere, is nauseating and depressing to say the least, I have decided to start a new political party.
It’s called, very simply, LIFE.


In my party what we do is cultivate life.

We work to make people’s lives better. All people….And all animals and plants too.

There is no death cult. We do not think about death. We do not use death as a threat or a source of fear. We do not want to “die for ..” this or that, we want to LIVE for.. everything!

We treasure human life, regardless of race or religion. Violence is not an option.
We work for feeding the hungry, and helping them feed themselves. We work for equal rights and opportunities for all, for thriving businesses without exploitation, for education and health care on the highest level.

We take care of the planet, we care for the animals.

We nurture and adore art in all its forms; we encourage freedom of expression, eclecticism and pluralism.

We use the democratic system as best we can to promote what we believe to be universal human values. We work to abolish greed and selfishness, mitigating fear by sharing knowledge and information and promoting solidarity, empathy and ….love.

Our virtual headquarters are, for the moment, in my heart.

But we’re looking for appropriate real-estate.

Feel free to join!

All you have to do is…..


  1. Not an Israeli citizen but I am joining and supporting LIFE - grin. I have posted your blog message to all who follow me, as well.My Palestinian and Israeli friends will see your message on Facebook, Twitter, Friendfeed, and other places.

    I have visited Israel twice and hope the third time is soon and when Palestine and Israel are at peace.

  2. I am going to become a LIFE-long member! L'Chaim (To Life!)

  3. Hi Noa,

    We already met in France during one of your concert in my city. I was the translator for one of your interview. But I remember asking you to sign one of your CD. You agreed. But when I said the CD was not for me but for my cousin as a wedding present, you stopped laughing, your look came darker and I remember you being very concentrate to write the text on my CD. That evening, I realised that you take love very seriously... Just to let you know : my cousin is still married and has 4 children ;-)

    Your "LIFE" party is quite similar to me. I am a member of where I host travelers for free when they arrive in my city. For my profile on this website, I wrote this :

    A few years ago, I heard in the news that one of our French political party wanted to pass a law against people who invite foreigners in their private home. It would be mandatory to declare in advance to the administrative services the visit of foreigners. In the same news, the journalist said that the last time France applied this kind of law controlling our private life was during the "occupation" when the French government helped the Nazis to stay in France. Since then, I decided to create my own party, I'm the only member so far ...but anybody (even strange stranger) is welcome to join if you are able to answer this registration question : "Tea or coffee ?".

  4. I'm in too!!! It's the only party worth joining!!!

  5. I am also Samuel, But Shmuel for you.
    When I was a kid in London I was called Sammy. My Mum called me Sam. Named after My Grandfather buried in Saloniki, He died after WW2 in 1946.
    In the last 4 and a half years I am in Ajami Yaffo, Sorry to say tensions are rising here. "There is another way". Regards to Mira (There must be another Way).. and lovely Website too, marvelous Music.
    Uncle Sam

  6. "Shine on you crazy diamond!"