Monday, November 5, 2012

a moment before election day in the US....

This goes to all my friends and relatives in the USA (but could be good reading for the rest of you too..)

Please do not buy the Bibi-Sheldon rhetoric! to the best of my judgment Israel's government seems to be following a most dangerous track. It ignores all voices of sanity from within and without. It rejects all signs of peace (see Abu Mazen’s historic interview on Israel’s Channel 2 news! Or his speech at the UN GA, and that’s just one of many examples) with downright tautological arguments. Today 17 years after the murder of Rabin, (May he rest in peace! As for us, we are destined to UNrest without it..), We face a paranoid and suicidal leadership and a scared torn society that desperately needs your help. We need you to teach us the values of liberty, freedom, equal opportunities and separation of church and state, and a humane constitution which is well equipped to preserve and amend itself.
The values which brought you to America and gave you a home there? Don’t keep them to yourselves! Share them with us! You know: all men are created equal, freedom, liberty and justice for all, etc…all that good stuff!
If you care so much about the Jewish people and if that care has led you to believe that Israel's mission is to be an eternal warrior on behalf of the Jewish people, then let us please switch places. Come here! Send your children to the army! Leave the great American dream with its values and comfort and make “Aliyah”! Practice what you preach! So many of us would be happy to find shelter in America.
But if, on the other hand you have the slightest doubt regarding your certainty as to "what's good for Israel" - follow your heart! follow honesty and truth and human values such as " ואהבת לרעך כמוך " …Love your brother as you love yourself…no manipulations, no paranoia, rather courage and faith.
We are strong here. We know how to fight when we need to but at this point we prefer the risks of peace to the horror's of certain war.
Guess you should know who to vote for by now! And we will do the same when our election day comes, not too far down the road.


Noa and Gil Dor