Friday, March 22, 2013

the black prince's soliloquy

Friends, Romans, Countrymen…. 

(I just got back from Rome, so still under the influence :-0) 

President Obama has just left Israel…may the good spirits guide his way safely back home. He made a courageous and beautiful speech in Jerusalem the other day. At first it seemed he came to "bury peace, not to praise it"… but then, our tall and handsome black eyed Anthony gave his brilliant soliloquy and left the country stunned…

Two states for two peoples, because it is the just thing to do, he said, and we the people must urge our leaders to do what will otherwise remain undone. Courage! He said, courage is needed! Believe that there is a partner, believe that peace can be our reality, WANT that reality, STRIVE for the well-being of your neighbor's children as you do for that of your own…for it is truly the only road to security and prosperity for ALL! Ah, yes, it is not 'ambitious', honorable Brutus…it is the only way.

Had only these words been said four years ago..where could we have been? But it's never too late to wash your feet of fear and hate, you're always welcome at love's gate… 

(I admit I have been making that speech for the last ten years at least, mostly to myself, sometime to whoever will listen , on stages and pages around the globe....but when Prince Obama says it…the world listens. Even our heard-headed middle-eastern ears shiver and perk: there is much to be learned here our instincts say. Aya, aye, captain)
may we all now bettter days, and may this passover holiday soon to be upon us lead us to TRUE freedom, from the prisons of fear and prejudice, on the wings of trust and communication to the open fields of peace.