Monday, October 19, 2009

goldstone and a plan for the future

about the goldstone report..

i have not read it all, but i do want to express a general opinion.
if there is to be any criticism of military behaviour, it has to be equally on both sides (of course, if we're talking real fairness, then lets look into every military conflict in human history, shall we? or is it only this one we're interested in, and why? every semi intelligent person should be asking themselves that question).
if anything, both sides should be looking carefully into their methods/actions/policies.
the IDF has done this many times in the past. when fault has been found, proper measures have been taken.
in fact, i as a citizen demand do know what my army is doing. i am the first to criticize them when they go wrong, and that has happened in the past. it infuriates me.
do the palestinians want to know what hamas has done? i hope so. will they be infuriated as i am when atrocius behaviour is uncovered? i sure hope so.
can hamas inspect themselves? will they? and if they do, how credible will it be? what infrastructure do they have to survey them, what 'objective observer'? i would like to know.
war is ugly. and so much of what is going on is ridden with propaganda, prejudice, manipulation and outright lies.

something to watch:

so what should be done?

recognize, apologize , share


1. israel, stop the building in the settlements
2. all, go back to the negotiating table immediately!!
3. palestine, give up the right of return and swap it for something more feasible (some sort of compensation)
4. draw permanent borders for palestine and israel
5. israel, talk to syria and find the solution there, which is clear cut and has been for years.
6.all arab countries, recognize israel's right to exist and agree to live peacefully with that fact.
7. work out jerusalem. it's not impossible, many good plans have been drawn already
8. commit to an the end of the conflict!!

politicians, get to work. you've wasted too much time and sacrificed too much human life on arrogance, fear, self-righteaousness, and stupid pride. enough!!!