Wednesday, March 23, 2011

a black day

today, we experienced a horrible tragedy. a bomb exploded in the center of jeruslam killing one woman and wounding 40 people.

the president of J street, a jewish american left wing organization which i support, issued the following statement. i agree with every word:

J Street condemns in the strongest possible terms today’s attack in Jerusalem as well as the increase in rocket attacks on the south of Israel. Our hearts go out to the victims and their families and to the people of Israel who in recent days are experiencing once again an increase in terror and violence.

We support the state of Israel in taking the steps necessary to respond to today’s attacks, to protect all its citizens, and to bring those who perpetrated today’s attack to justice.

We are in Jerusalem today, a mile from the bombing, for a debate in Israel’s Knesset, at which we reiterated that the security of Israel depends on ending the conflict with the Palestinian people through a two-state solution.

We remember at this moment the advice of Yitzhak Rabin that we must fight terror as if there were no peace process, but pursue peace as if there were no terror.

Even on the blackest of days like today, we recall his words and seek to carry out his legacy.

the israeli and palestinian governments should do everything they can to reach a peace agreement as soon as possible!!! how much more bloodshed can we stand??


  1. A terrible event. As an argentinean poet (Maria Elena Walsh) used to say in this kind of circumstances, the human kind has moved back on all fours.

  2. Last night (April 2nd) we were at the Teatro Pavarotti in Modena to see you. We are your fans from your first time in Sorrento, Villa Falzoletti, about 15 years ago. We, middle aged women very busy, buy only your CDs. Why? Because you are the voice of God, the God's gift for us and for all the humankind. Because you make the people be human. Yesterday night, we listen in your voice all the sorrow for the last bomb on march 23rd. We saw you, the mother, singing Ave Maria like praying the kaddish for all the youth dying by these monsters. Thanks Noa. Don't stop to be our angel of peace. Shalom. Anna & Monica