Saturday, May 14, 2011

Thoughts on Palestinian Unity

Here’s my take on the Hamas-Fatach unity deal.

My opinion of Hamas is well known: putting it lightly, I’m not a fan.

On the other hand, they were elected democratically (for all I know) by the majority of Gazans. Sadly, in my opinion, but that’s the way it is.

My major problem (amongst many) with Hamas is that they deny Israel’s right to exist. In fact their formal decree is that every Jew should be hunted out and killed wherever they may hide. Nice guys.

Israel has often stated that it cannot deal with Abu Mazen because he is “too weak” and “does not really represent the majority of the Palestinian people”.

Well, now he has entered into a coalition with Hamas. And he is the one doing the talking. No matter how you look at it, these are not the doings of a weak man. I personally admire Abu Mazen and wish Netanyahu would exhibit half the wisdom and leadership.

We all know that as September approaches, Israel will have to deal with The Palestinian move towards recognition of their Independence by the UN. I have stated in the past that I see it as totally pathetic that Israel, rather than initiating talks and signing an agreement, is forcing the Palestinians to do it on their own and “drag” us onto reluctantly agreeing: How ignoble that is, how embarrassing, how indicative of our present governments total impotence and lack of navigational skills.

I believe the fledgling Palestinian state will not receive the recognition it desires so long as members of its government (Hamas) continue to deny Israel’s right to exist. So if they are adamant about proceeding, they will have to amend that, which is a good thing. If they refuse to, it is difficult to believe they will be embraced by the international community as they strive to be.

Further, whatever agreement is reached does not depend on radical voices within each government, as long as the agreement is signed. Israel’s government also includes parties who deny the existence of a Palestinian people or the need for/legitimacy of an independent Palestinian state. That will not stop any given government from making an agreement, IF it can. We believe the Israeli people, government and future governments will respect that agreement…and we would like to believe the same goes for the Palestinians, however mixed their opinions could be.

If Hamas, as part of the Palestinian government, continue to be set on destroying Israel, and carrying out their sinister plans after the peace agreement is signed (the greatest fear of many Israelis), then we will go to war with them. But this time, the rules of the game will be different: it will not be Israel attacking so-called “innocent civilians” who are under her “cruel occupation”, but fighting against equals: a country with an army (Palestine) that has chosen to obliterate another country with an army (Israel).

Needless to say that is a horrible scenario. But how much more horrible than what is already happening, or what could potentially happen if we do not proceed?

So: I say lets wait and see, throw our omnipresent Paranoia down the drain and go bravely into what has the potential of being a new and better future for our region.


  1. Legal, gostei de saber que a política também te interessa. Mazal Tov --Good Luck

  2. Great post. I do wonder if we are overestimating the objectivity of world opinion. I think the UN has displayed its ability to condemn us regardless of situation. I'm not sure the Palestinians having a state will stop that. Then Israel will merely be the bully state that brutally attacks its helpless, innocent neighbors.

  3. Beautiful post, I fully agree!

    Why not try bit more to unite trough music, aren’t there Hamas singers too? (I wonder, and who dare to take such a challenge as you do with Mira), we must convince them too (those hardliners from Ishmael). And under some hardliner’s HaShem servants too (too militant Colonist’s) .

    All Blessings for the peace coming soon!
    From the Netherlands!

    Oscar Meijers

    P.s. I support your singing very much….many, many thanks Noa!

  4. They deny the right Israel to exist.
    Why? I can't understand.
    Kisses, Ilaria