Saturday, October 30, 2010

about the boycotting of israeli products

hello friends.

below is a letter written by my sister-in-law's girlfriend, Tami Tal, to "Olympia Food co-op", a US based company who decided to ban Israeli products.
i agree with every word written here, i could have written the same myself. it is accurate and cutting straight to the heart of the matter.
please read.


I read in an Israeli newspaper that "Olympia Food Co-op" is planning to boycott food products from Israel.

I suggest you take further steps, then:

The little chips inside your computer, at least some of them, are probably an Israeli invention. So are some of the software programs you use.
Also – your local hospital probably contains some life-saving Israeli-invented apparatus, as well as some Israeli-invented chemical compounds used in your medications.

The water distribution system in your rural vegetable and fruit fields, which I presume are abundant in your area, are also, most likely, a product of the Israeli brain.

Though tiny, Israel has contributed to the medical, scientific and technological world a substantial percentage of its inventions, intended for your nutrition, health and home comfort, relative to other countries on this planet that are much, much, bigger.

My suggestion, then, is – why don't you boycott all of these as well?.. That would make a much more thorough job on your part.

Lastly, while boycotting Horrible Israel, please consider boycotting:

Saudi Arabia – for human rights violations (who's heard of women driving??)

Iran – for human rights violations (stone the woman to death!)

Syria – for harboring terrorists (keep up the good work firing missiles at Israel boys!)

China – for human rights violations ("Government knows what's best for you"!)

Turkey – for occupying parts of Cyprus , for imprisoning anyone who only mentions the Turkish-caused Armenian Holocaust, and for oppressing the Kurdish people who seek independence.

Russia – for oppressing Chechnya (and for invading parts of Georgia )

France – for prohibiting Muslim women to wear face-veils (though I can't blame them – but, hey, freedom of expression, right??)

Switzerland – for banning the construction of minarets on mosques

And the list is long.

I can think of many, many other countries that are violating human rights right now as we speak.

And more seriously now:

Just so you know – I'm an Israeli woman, and – though you may find it odd – I belong to the Left political spectrum in Israel. I actually CAN'T WAIT for the Palestinians to have their own country. But what I don't like is people, like yourselves, who sit in your comfortable homes, thousands of miles away, and think they know better. What is happening here, in my country, is not black and white like you make it to be. There are TWO sides to the coin.

So I would greatly appreciate if you – and about 99% of all other people on this planet – stop demonizing Israel. Because despite the wrongs that Israel is doing (and there are wrongs), there is also good, and there is also our side of the story. Add to that the fact that other countries around the world are not such great saints either (including, by the way, your very own country), I would be happy if you reconsider.

Sincerely yours,

Tami Tal, Jerusalem , Israel


Noa, Israel.

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