Monday, February 8, 2010

food for thought...a personal note on the verge of new life

Hello all.

Tick tock, tick tock...

I am waiting to give birth, for the third time. due formally feb 24th but feel it could be any day.

What a strange, suspended state of being... my thoughts are like the waves of the sea (the one near our house, i attached a photo...)

New life soon to emerge, a new chance for....for what?

For clearer vision, for purer heart, for hope, for change, for sanity. A new chance for humanity in the form of a tiny fractal of its colossal whole..

A tiny fractal that could maybe be the one cell to multiply differently. To change the warped genetics of this generation, that emotional DNA which has brought so much pain and suffering to this world. Will it be this new little bud, a leader of the future, a discoverer, a fighter, a mover....

will this little bud be the one to finally experience the highest form of bliss, a life untainted by war??

These questions and so many more fill my sleepless nights.

I saw an amazing movie last night, called AJAMI, Israel's contender for this year's Oscar Award.

This movie is a must see in my opinion, i applaud its creators with all my heart. Its perspective, message and insight into the complexity of our painful situation here in Israel is so moving, so brilliant, it left me awed and heartbroken.

for all of you who feel you are in the dark about what's going on here, and that includes my fellow Israelis, this is your chance for a rare and magnificent peek into a reality far from the black and white propaganda presented by almost everyone, almost always, here in our own back-yard. Here, 15 minutes away from this house where i now sit and write..not in Gaza, not in Syria, not in iran. Here. This is our face, this is all of us.

Spectacular, Highly recommended.

While we're on the subject of perspective, find below, a link to a speech given by a journalist and woman i admire greatly, Pilar Rahola from Spain. (both English and Spanish version links).

Another brave soul, willing to fight against singular, propaganda-driven thinking. A real free thinker, the sort of which i admire greatly.

The sort of which i hope our new daughter will be.

Sending all of you much love,

Noa (Achinoam)

in Spanish:

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