Saturday, August 8, 2009

greetings from tarragona

hi everbody.
writing from Tarragona in Spain. People here live so differently. all the political mass that sits so squarely on our shoulders back in the middle east and weighs us down to the ground is non existent here. we were out walking at midnight, the streets were teeming, families and couples and seniors and infants all together , talking laughing eating living...just living! is that what peace really means? normality? ah yes....what a dream.
People recognized me everywere and i was happy and proud to greet them. i feel comfortable and easy going in their midst.
on the way to dinner (which starts at ten here!) we passed by 2 'clubs' where young people are taught the local art of human tower building! yes, that's right. they climb up on each other’s shoulders until they create a sort of human ‘tower of pisa’ but without the slant :-) and of course the smallest children, like little monkeys, are taught to scramble up nimbly to the top and stand proud, their hands outstretched, links in a long chain of Catalonian tradition. it really moved me. that chain. i guess making the album 'genes and jeans' and performing it over the last 2 years has made me feel more deeply than ever the significance of connecting to a deep root, and spreading your wings from that little girl on top of the tower..

Tonight we perform here. Mira Awad will open the show with her beautiful songs and we'll continue with our ‘genes and jeans’ and other stuff, then Mira and i will sing duets from our album.

thank god for music.

be well all.



  1. Nice to read that Tarragona & Catalan athmosphere makes you feel better. Keep on enjoying it. See u tonight my dear.

  2. Wish you a great concert !
    I would have loved to be there.
    Hope you come again in France or Belgium soon.
    Have a great time in Spain.

  3. and the concert was great...
    as usual
    and what Noa wrote about Tarragona is true...
    you have to come by chance: glimpse the concert ads on the streets and get in love with the city...
    second time you'll come on a purpose: buy two tickets from the pierced-lip girl at the theater and share the streets with people of all ages...
    third time you sit in the arena: hear the music and share the sensations she gives you with a thousand other people
    at the end of the show you just say goodbye to Noa and Gil again till the next time

    knowing that a next time will be: you don't change our lives perhaps Noa, but you let us striving to make them better
    a million thanks are still not so much for this


  4. dear achinoam...
    i would be so happy if EVERYTHING you have told would be true, but the pity is...over here there are also problems and crazy people who think using bombs and weapons is a way to achieve some goal they believe in.
    but that is part of humanity at this point of history. i hope someday consciousness of people will grow and will realize that this kind of actions are no way acceptable and will never achieve anything.
    anyway, our goal is to make this world a better place, and i have found a wonderful way of working on that: i am pregnant in the 20th week, and as i have known that my little baby probably already can listen to sounds of the outside, what nicer and inspiring music can i make him (or her....) listen than yours?
    thanks for your music!