Wednesday, July 29, 2009

concerts, islands, lakes, music, love.

back from an interesting tour....
2 very different concerts. one in Panarea, a small and very beautiful island off the coast of sicily. we were the first artists to eer perform there :-) the island has a permanent population of about 150 people (!) and in summer it triples, but that's it :-) and the best part, NO CARS! only electric golf carts! and no street lights. you can see a billiob stars at night. i loved it and can't wait to get back there with my husband and kids.
show afer that was in Gardone Riviera, on the shore of Lake Garda. what a beautiful place. god has blessed the italians with absolutley everything.
the oncert was in an amphitheater overlooking the lake. we had a great audience, full house, tons of enthusiasm and love poured out. the lighting board collapsed at some point but it didn't hurt the magic..maybe even added to it, as it was obvius we were working with minimal assistance from technology :-)
now back home. had rehearsals for 'meir ariel' event in ceasaria next week. it will be a very cool concert. he was one of israel's most beloved songwriters, passed away ten years ago. this weekend we have gigs in 2 very nice clubs in israel, with mira as our guest. friday night in a place called 'radio bar' in kibbutz bet-keshet in the north, and saturday night in jerusalem in a place called "ha maabada" (the labrotory).
whoever's in the holy land is more than welcome. :-)


  1. Wow, we've been to Lake Garda for many holidays. I wish I was there with the concert, it must have been so beautifull! Thanks for giving your time to us on this blog! And thank your kids and the doctor for the time too;-)

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  3. Some day i will go to visit that little island... without cars and under the stars... sounds so peacefull...a piece of earth swimming in the sea! sadly, i cannot heard and felt any concert of you this summer... I´m very busy working and loving my son!